AccuTrak Targeted Inventory and Shrink Prevention Service

A service designed for large stores to help reduce inventory shrinkage. Monitors the value of your store merchandise using a quarterly financial inventory or sku inventory to track merchandise value by category. On a monthly basis, a full cigarette inventory is performed and key sections of the store are counted using a cycle counting methodology. Each month the store undergoes a rigorous inspection of inventory shrink prevention procedures.

For larger grocery stores, a monthly financial inventory is not feasible. However, quarterly financial inventories reveal too much loss. These stores need to reduce loss without having to count the entire store. AccuTrak's Targeted Inventory and Shrink Prevention Service meets this need by providing a detailed cigarette inventory and a detailed inventory or financial inventory of high theft or high-dollar items. We work with you to customize the inventory service to your needs. You will recieve any or all of the following:

All of our inventories use state-of-the-art voice enabled technology to bring you accurate and verifiable results.

Sample Reports for download: