Financial Inventory

A full count of store inventory. For each store section and merchandise category, we keep a running total of merchandise value by multiplying the price of each item by the number of items on-hand. During the inventory, auditors place blue counting tags on each area counted. At the end of the inventory, the store representative verifies that all merchandise was counted by picking up the "Counted by AccuTrak" tags during a walk-through of the store. The manager also reviews the value of the merchandise by store section.

AccuTrak's Financial Inventory is accurate and verifiable. We customize our inventory procedures, merchandise categories, and store section designations to meet your needs. An AccuTrak financial inventory will leave you with results that are easy to compare to your perpetual inventory system.

  • We use state-of-the-art voice technology to accurately record the price and quantity of each item in the store.
  • We prove our count is accurate with audit trails the store manager can easily validate.
  • We use the official NACS classification scheme when categorizing merchandise. However, we can use a custom categorization scheme that will match your system.
  • Reports are provided on the spot and are reviewed and approved by the store manager.

VoTrakTM our state-of-the-art counting system allows auditors to verify each entry for accuracy. AccuTrak auditors speak information into the VoTrak system, capturing information about what section of the store they are counting, the category of merchandise, item price, and quantity on-hand. VoTrak translates the voice information into data and stores it in a database. All entries are repeated audibly and verified. Any mistakes can be corrected during the counting.

Printed audit trails allow store managers to validate the accuracy of each section. Sections are always counted from left-to-right, top-to-bottom. The audit review report shows each entry the auditor made while counting the section. Store managers can review and validate the accuracy of each section total.

Section Reports and Category Reports are provided to the manager at the end of each inventory with copies e-mailed or faxed to the main office. AccuTrak's team supervisor and the store manager "walk the store" using the section by category report to review the merchandise totals and quantity on-hand for each section. When complete, the store manager signs off on the financial inventory. Copies of each report are sent to the store owner or chain headquarters the following business day.

Sample Reports for download: