Inventory Shrink Prevention

Most owners are aware that inventory loss is a problem. But they don't realize how deeply rooted their problem is since some of their inventory procedures mask the extent of the problem. AccuTrak's inventory shrink prevention program will uncover the size of the problem, put procedures in place to help prevent future loss, and measure the effectiveness of loss prevention efforts from inventory audit to inventory audit.

When you first engage AccuTrak for inventory shrink prevention assistance, we will review your existing shrink prevention procedures and recommend changes where necessary. Each month, we will review the extent to which those procedures are followed in each store and submit a written report of our findings.

Here are some of the the "red flags" we look for:

  • Altering prices (higher than authorized) at the store level.
  • Delaying price decreases.
  • Out-of-date products.
  • Excessive inventory on-hand.
  • Inconsistent pricing of the same item.
  • Excess damaged product.
  • Location of damaged product.
  • Store manager compliance with paperwork procedures.
  • Vendor check-in procedures.
  • What is placed in dumpsters.
  • How product is stored.
  • Handling of empty boxes.

We can help you uncover inventory loss and fight it. Every dollar won from reducing inventory loss goes directly into increasing profits.