Sku Inventory

A physical inventory where the UPC or store barcode is scanned and price and quantity on-hand information recorded. A sku inventory typically involves a data exchange before and after the inventory.

A sku inventory is the best way for any convenience store, grocery store, retail store, or warehouse to receive a detailed, item-by-item account of their stock. We receive a file from you with the complete item list. Our auditors will scan your entire store and verify the observed price and quantity on-hand. Any items we find that were not included in the data file will be scanned and recorded. At the end of the inventory, we will review the merchandise totals and store category totals with the store representative. The following business day, we will send a data file back to you with the item-level results. Any items found in the store (but not in the initial data file) are included and duly flagged.