Cigarette Inventory

A full count of cigarettes with detailed reporting by brand, type of cigarette (Marlboro Reds, Marlboro 100s, etc) by location within the store. The store representative can immediately verify the accuracy of the inventory by reviewing the audit trail.

In average for convenience stores, cigarettes make-up 37% of store sales. Because of their size, relatively high-value, and ease of re-sale, cigarettes are a prime target for theft. Our convenience store and grocery store clients confirm that cigarette inventories are a consistent challenge.

To meet this need, AccuTrak crafted a detailed cigarette inventory that will account for each pack of cigarettes by brand and type. The cigarette report sub-divides the inventory by store location which will help you isolate, correct, and monitor trouble spots.

We use state-of-the art voice enabled technology to provide you with an accurate and verifiable count of cigarettes. We prove our count is accurate with audit trails the store manager can easily validate using the audit review report.

Sample Reports for download: