Our Services

Our services are designed to:

  1. Improve profits by reducing shrinkage

  2. Why bother? Because in an average convenience store or grocery store, a 35% to 37% reduction in shrinkage can lead to a doubling of profits. Our combination of services gives store owners one of the keys they need to reduce shrinkage.
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  3. Provide you with accurate, verifiable inventories

    • Financial inventory: A full, physical count of your inventory which reports the value of the merchandise in your store by category and store section. We use the industry-standard NACS categories or will pick-up your own categories. We can provide audit trails for each section we count, allowing the store representative to verify the accuracy of randomly selected counts.

      Financial inventories are useful for:

      • Checking for inventory errors and shrinkage - you can compare the value of the financial inventory to the values in your perpetual inventory system and take the appropriate action.
      • Providing an unbiased inventory value that is published in an annual report or used as part of an accounting audit or review for the IRS.
      • Merchandise value and quantity-on-hand information for transfer-of-ownership, tax, or insurance purposes.

    • Sku inventories: A full sku-scan of your entire inventory. This involves a data-exchange with your store's IT representative. We can use the standard UPC or your custom barcode to provide you with SKU-level data about observed price, quantity on-hand, and product descriptions. You can use a sku inventory as your annual physical inventory.
    • Pharmaceutical Inventory: A special type of sku inventory designed specifically for hospital and other pharmacies which integrades the widely used NDC numbers.
    • Cycle counting: A regular count of fast-moving and/or high-value merchandise in stores or warehouses.
    • Inventory Verification: A simple procedure for validating the quantity on-hand for each SKU. The process is driven by printed inventory reports from your perpetual inventory system.
    • Asset inventories: Tagging and recording a list of all assets over a specified dollar value. The asset tag will have a barcode and asset number.
    • Cash audit: Supervised review of the amount of cash in the cash register and safe.
    • Buy-Sell inventories: A financial or sku inventory used to determine the value of inventory on-hand as the final step in the sale of a business. AccuTrak can represent either the buyer or seller.

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