Cycle Counting

A method of controlling inventory accuracy without the time and expense of a full physical or financial inventory. AccuTrak's cycle counting methodology employs the regular measurement of merchandise samples. The value and quantity on-hand of the sample are checked with the perpetual inventory system. If errors are present, we find the cause of the error, correct it, and monitor going forward. Cycle counting is used in combination with an annual sku inventory or quarterly financial inventories.

The size of most warehouses makes monthly or quarterly inventories difficult. But, if inventory is verified only once per year, too many surprises can appear. Often, a problem has been present for months, but with no way to measure inventory, owners are unaware of the problem. AccuTrak uses cycle counting to measure inventory and find problem areas before losses can mount up.

AccuTrak auditors will create a customized cycle counting program for your warehouse. We will work with you to identify the types of items that are likely to see loss. We sample by sales frequency, dollar value, or at random. We also recommend cycle counting those items that, if not on hand, will stop production.