AccuTrak's proprietary software, VoTrak, combined with state-of-the art computer hardware and wireless headsets, delivers accurate and verifiable results.


VoTrak provides our clients proven accuracy and detailed reporting.

State-of-the-art technology plus AccuTrak's proprietary inventory software eliminates the chance of keystroke errors because auditors use their voice to enter the items, prices, and quantity on-hand. The computer repeats each entry back to the auditor for accuracy. This leaves both hands free to count and keeps auditors eyes always on the inventory.

Our clients also have more tools they can use to manage their business better. VoTrak produces detailed reports for high-value categories like cigarettes, breaking down value by brand and type. We also demonstrate the accuracy of our counts by using the audit trail to review our work. VoTrak is brand new, and it's changing the industry. Read more about VoTrak in the press release

What advantage does VoTrak give our clients?

  1. Transparency into how the inventory results were produced. With VoTrak, AccuTrak auditors can view their audit trail which shows each item counted, and the order in which the items were counted. Using the audit trail, AccuTrak auditors and supervisors review our work for accuracy -- and we welcome our clients review of any part of the audit for accuracy. With VoTrak, our clients can quickly and easily verify our results.
  2. Less opportunity for error, more chances to correct errors. Let's face it, EVERY inventory company will make mistakes. The real question is, do they know they made a mistake and do they correct it? Using VoTrak our auditors hear the count they entered repeated back to them. If they said something incorrectly, they can immediately correct the error. Plus, with VoTrak, auditors don't have to look at a 10-key machine or be distracted by any other tool. All commands are voiced into the computer. Both hands are free to count merchandise (instead of one hand on the 10-key machine).
  3. Instant reports. As soon as a section is complete, the store manager can review the summary of the section and, if they choose, look at the audit trails. At the conclusion of the inventory, a full and detailed report is reviewed with the manager and is later e-mailed or faxed the the owner / headquarters.