Asset Inventory

A process by which all assets above a certain value are tagged with a unique identification number and barcode. A complete asset list is compiled and provided in a data file. We customize the kind of information we capture to meet each client's needs. Asset inventories are crucial in tracking lost or stolen merchandise.

The problem of loss is not limited to the inventory that is sold to customers. Any asset, particularly small, high value assets such as computers, computer peripherals, medical devices, etc are suseptible to loss. An effective deterrent against asset loss is the establishment and maintenance of an asset inventory. Modern technology makes this affordable for any company.

AccuTrak Inventory Specialists will work with you to create the initial asset inventory by tagging all assets above a specified dollar amount. We will work with you to install the appropriate hardware and software to manage your asset inventory. Finally, we will help you create procedures for tracking, adding, and removing assets from the list, including how the information can be fed to your company's accounting team.