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Our clients operate on razor-thin profit margins. A small change in costs can cause a huge change in profitability. Industry research shows that typical inventory loss runs between 2% and 4%--with some of that loss masked by poor inventory practices. The same study also showed that a 37% reduction in loss can lead to a doubling of profits.

AccuTrak has two services aimed at increasing your profits by helping you reducing inventory loss:

Below is a partial list of clients who have used these services:

Hot Spot Convenience Stores

AccuTrak provides monthly financial audits for Hot Spots convenience stores located in North and South Carolina. The chain has recently come to rely on VoTrak, AccuTrak's exclusive voice-enabled auditing tool, for cigarette audit reports which are now performed at each location. Hot Spots convenience stores have been serving customers for over 40 years.

Some of our clients: