Letter from the Founders

Dear Prospective Affiliate,

Thank you for your interest in AccuTrak Inventory Specialists®.

AccuTrak is an inventory auditing and consulting company with offices across the United States and abroad. Our primary mission is to assist businesses in accurately counting inventory, as well as helping them to understand what inventory management means to their economic survival and success. We also offer staff and management training, inventory analysis, loss prevention consulting, a mystery shopping program and more.

AccuTrak was founded on the principle of providing accurate and affordable inventory management to customers of all types and sizes. From moving through the ranks of the "big" inventory environment we learned first-hand what our clients want and how to provide them with the accuracy they deserve.

We have used the concept of franchising to share our knowledge and success with those people who possess both an entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic. Our growth to date has been concentrated in the Southeastern area of the United States. Each of our offices are run and managed by a professional business person who has passed AccuTrak's rigorous training program.

The AccuTrak model has been developed and refined in actual applications – it is "real world," not theory. Our model produces a high success rate for our affiliates, as well as the clients they serve. With our proven system for success, you do not have to be a great entrepreneur or a world-class business person to achieve an impressive annual income. In short, the AccuTrak model is designed to enhance, maximize and secure the greatest possible success for our affiliatees.

In the coming years we will make some dynamic changes in the inventory industry. We have already begun to change the industry with the first application of voice technology. Our goal is to bring the industry to the next level, including foremost accuracy of results and customer service. An essential element is forming partnerships with our customers. We believe not only in training our employees on how to take inventories, but also in educating our customers on the procedures, which makes their inventory results more meaningful to them.

We are thrilled that you are considering joining our growing team. Partnering with AccuTrak provides name recognition as well as a reputation of professionalism. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about this opportunity.

Vince and Judi Perrin, Founders