AccuTrak can provide your business with an inventory program to support your growth and success.

Success Stories

"We had a client in Graham, NC that was coming up an average of $2,000 short in beer every month. For the first few audits, the client wasn't sure if we were making a mistake or if they really were that short. But because of our accuracy, their trust increased in us. Soon they changed store managers and their problem disappeared. We have had several scenarios like this with this client and their 36 stores, which has earned us their trust. This client's monthly shortage percentages are steadily improving. Not only are they excited, it makes us feel good, too!"
Scott Goodman, AccuTrak Inventory Specialists of the Triad

"After working with VoTrak for several months, we have seen a positive impact on our customers and our office. VoTrak helps us provide additional services to our customers and train new auditors to count accurately within days. In addition to the detail it provides in a cigarette audit, there is also an excellent audit trail available for review.

"One of the big issues in running an inventory office is having enough auditors. We typically count convenience stores that require 2 or 3 auditors per team but we also have grocery stores that require 6 or more auditors. This is a problem if any of our team auditors have worked too many hours that week or if we have convenience stores scheduled for the same day as the grocery stores. Using traditional counting methods it can take 2 to 6 weeks to train an auditor to be productive and accurate. For the first 2 to 3 weeks you may not be able to use their work without doing extensive and costly recounts to assure accuracy. When you are using part time auditors 1 or 3 days a month it could be years before they are really productive.

"This dilemma has plagued our industry as well as our customers. I have a friend, Leroy, who has expressed an interest in part time work but has never had the time to master counting with traditional equipment. I trained him using VoTrak for 6-8 profile updates. We took him to his first inventory in a grocery store. I was impressed; he counted two 40' gondolas and participated in counting sections of additional gondolas. As the job progressed we reviewed his work using the audit review report available in VoTrak. When he felt that he had made a mistake he came to me and we checked the auditor screen to verify his count. He was able to easily identify and correct his mistakes. This report records every entry made and is an excellent tool to verify accuracy. Except for a few instances he counted without requiring help and his numbers were accurate and used in the final report. We feel this is a great advantage for the AccuTrak offices and our customers.

"My regular keying auditors said they were relieved he was involved in the count because there were fewer sections remaining for them, which lightened their work load. The store had $530,000 in inventory."
Thomas and Michelle Cotten, AccuTrak Inventory Specialists of Central South Carolina