AccuTrak can provide your business with an inventory program to support your growth and success.


AccuTrak in the News!
AccuTrak Introduces Voice-Enabled Inventory Software as a Service.

Inaccurate inventories are costing you profits. AccuTrak can help!

AccuTrak has developed programs tailored to provide inventory and consulting services to virtually any business. Depending on the depth of your inventory needs, from a simple dollar value count to detailed sales reporting, we offer the appropriate program. AccuTrak's experienced staff, specialized computer software and proven methods can quickly & easily provide you with the inventory answers you need.

There are 10 reasons you should choose AccuTrak to provide your inventory services:

  1. Accurate - Our primary goal is accuracy. AccuTrak's methodology, technology, and professional staff ensure highly accurate results.
  2. Verifiable - An AccuTrak audit can be easily verified. Our clients can review any audit trail and check the accuracy of our results.
  3. Independent - The results of our work can be used in support of reliable accounting practices and accurate financial statements.
  4. Responsive to YOUR needs - Each client's needs are different. We work with you to provide an inventory that works with your business and your systems. We can classify the inventory data in a way that ties to the classifications in your systems.
  5. Well-trained staff - We hire inventory professionals who stay with us for years. Our employees are trained to provide you with accurate, verifiable inventories. The experience they bring to each job allows us to produce quality results every time.
  6. State-of-the-art technology - AccuTrak is the first inventory company to use voice-enabled counting technology and provide clients the ability to verify each inventory. We continue to set high standards for the industry.
  7. Hundreds of satisfied clients - AccuTrak is an established inventory company who has been meeting the needs of countless clients. As such, you don't have the risk associated with smaller organizations.
  8. Versatile - We provide all types of inventory services. We are always happy to create custom services that aren't offered elsewhere.
  9. Accountable - AccuTrak stands behind its results. We work with you until we both agree that the inventory is error free.
  10. Professional appearance and demeanor - All of our staff are professionally attired in AccuTrak uniforms. We will perform the inventory with minimal disruption to your customers and the store staff.